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Art in the Garden
at Cloudehill

Throughout the garden you will see the work of a variety of Australian artists in a variety of mediums. Find out more about the individual artists and their pieces here. Most pieces are also available for sale.

Art in the Garden at Cloudehill Antone Bruinsma

Antone Bruinsma

An excellent example of Bruinsmas work, Le Chauval on a bluestone plinth overlooking the Quadrangle Garden.

Art in the Garden at Cloudehill Rudi Jass

Rudi Jass

Rudi has an extensive repertoire of work in coreten and stainless steel, copper and stone. These include limited edition water features, kinetic pieces, light box forms and static pieces.

Art in the Garden at Cloudehill Graeme Foote

Graeme Foote

Graeme’s pieces are to be found throughout Cloudehill, several from early days. The fern goddess pieces in the cool borders and the sphinx benches in the quadrangle are but two examples. Of more significance is Graeme Foote’s ‘Influential Women Series’ placed throughout the gardens.

Art in the Garden at Cloudehill Ted Secombe

Ted Secombe

Ted is a world-leading exponent crystalline glazes with works in important collections around the world including the National Gallery of Australia.

Art in the Garden at Cloudehill Ian Marr

Ian Marr

Ian’s passion is text carved into slate and sandstone. He ranks as Australia’s leading ‘letter cutter’ and takes inspiration from the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay at Little Sparta in Scotland. Cloudehill incorporates many of Ian’s works throughout the gardens.

Art in the Garden at Cloudehill Robert Barron

Robert Barron

The loveliest of Claire Takacs’ photos of our big maples feature a glorious Rob Barron pot and it’s very exciting to have a few of his (very rare) ‘fire-box’ pieces for sale. It is in the nature of firing a Nabori Gama kiln only a handful of these are made each year. Their ash glazes make them amongst the most exciting and rewarding of works it’s possible to use in a garden.

Art in the Garden at Cloudehill Daniel Jenkins

Daniel Jenkins

Daniel works largely in beaten copper, a craft he studied in Venice in the 1980s. A well-known grouping of his whimsical figures are to be found on the corner of Swanston and Bourke Streets in Melbourne. Just stand and look up! We have one of his smaller lulu birds installed as a wind-vane floating above our potager garden. His pieces are frequently best a few metres above the garden.

Art in the Garden at Cloudehill Leopoldine Mimovich

Leopoldine Mimovich

The original of Leopoldine’s piece installed in Cloudehill in the grotto was carved from Huon Pine and one of the loveliest examples of wood carving I’ve seen. The intention was to cast a series of three bronzes from the carving of which our piece is number two. The little story of meeting Leopoldine and purchasing the piece is covered in ‘Cloudehill: A Year in the Garden’.

Art in the Garden at Cloudehill Madeline Meyer

Madeline Meyer

Madeline’s mile-stone figures are installed next to the path leading across Cloudehill’s lower Meadow. These are glazed terracotta, pieces from an exhibition of her work Cloudehill hosted around 2000.

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